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Instruments currently built in Northern Georgia since 2007. Previously produced in Denver, CO between 1978 and 2006.
Luthier Philip Bruce Clay apprenticed in a small Denver repair shop from 1974 to 1976, where he learned the basics of guitar repair. Later, he attended the Guitar Research and Design Center in Vermont (under the direction of Charles Fox), and graduated in February of 1978.
The Rarebird objective has been to build a durable, high quality instrument since the opening of its shop. Custom options are virtually limitless with over fifty species of hardwood on hand, and Clay's twenty-plus years of experience can help guide the customer to the tones desired. Clay´s approach is to simply talk the customer through the different options, systematically explaining the combinations. Having built over 1,200 instruments since 1978, Clay celebrated his 25th Anniversary in 2003.
Noted Rarebird features are multi-laminate necks and graphite reinforcements for stability, heelless bodies - either neck-through or set-in (glued in) for sustain and complete access, and semi-hollow guitar designs to achieve a rich and full balanced tone. For more information, refer to Rarebird´s website.

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