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Instruments currently built in Redford, MI. Distributed by World Class Engineered Products, Inc. of Redford, MI.
The innovative people at Ramtrack have attempted to answer the age-old dilemma of the working musician: how many guitars do you need to bring to a show to convincingly recreate famous guitar sounds? Obviously, a single coil pickup does not sound like a humbucker, and different configurations of pickups exist on a multitude of solid body guitar designs. The Ramtrack guitar design consists of a solid body guitar with cassettes containing different pickup combinations that are removable from the body.
Inventor James Randolph came up with the concept for the Ramtrak when he was faced with compromising his playing style to accommodate the type of guitar loaded with the proper pickups needed to record the tracks for any given song, i.e.: Strats play and sound different than a Les Paul. Though the concept of removable pickups is not a new one, Ramtrack excels in the execution of how the cassettes are installed and removed from the guitar. Ramtrak requires no tools for changing the pickup cassette.
Ramtrak guitars (Model RG-ST) feature a pacific maple body, bolt-on hardrock maple neck, 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, standard tremolo, and an aluminum extrusion cassette plate. Pickup cassettes are loaded with the most popular pickups on the market. The guitars are presently manufactured by CNC in Korea, and parts are shipped to Michigan (where final assembly and inspection takes place).

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