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Instruments previously built in Asia. Distributed by L.A. Guitar Works of Reseda, CA.
All RAJ models are constructed from Southsea hardwoods, and feature meticulously inlaid shells that highlight the body designs. The current models include the Warbird ($1,295), which possesses a body design that follows "superstrat" lines. The Panther ($1,395) body design is reminiscent of the Fender Jaguar model, albeit with more flowing body curves. The Shark's ($1,195) original design suggests a cross between a Flying V and Bo Diddley's rectangular guitar of the 1950s (prettier than the description suggests). All models feature a one-piece maple neck, or maple with rosewood fingerboard with the S.A.T. (Side Adjustment Truss rod) which allows for neck adjustments while the guitar is still fully strung.

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