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Instruments currently produced in Arroyo Grande, CA since 2009. Corporate headquarters are located in Pittsburgh, PA.
Premier Builders Guild (PBG) is a group of luthiers and amp builders who make some or all of their instruments available exclusively through PBG. Michael Bernstein founded the PBG in 2009 so these luthiers and builders could focus more on designing and building rather than the business aspect. Currently, brands in the PBG include b3 (Gene Baker), Fano Guitars (Dennis Fano), Giffin Guitars (Roger Giffin), Johan Gustavsson, Koll Guitar Company (Saul Koll), Jason Z. Schroeder, Tone King Amplifiers (Mark Bartel), Gijka Amplification (Bob Gijka), and Two-Rock Amplification (Bill Krinard). Gene Baker and his team build guitars for PBG that are designed by the aforementioned luthiers as well. PBG instruments are available through select Platinum dealers across the country. For more information, visit their website or contact the PBG directly.

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