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Instruments currently produced in Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix has been producing guitars since 1994.
George Leach built his first guitar in 1989, and began building instruments under the name of GSL Guitars. In 1994, he formed the Phoenix Guitar Company, and hired several luthiers to build custom instruments and do repairs. After a couple of years, he closed the shop, because he wanted to build guitars rather than manage a store. During the next several years, he further developed his nylon string OM, and attended two archtop classes to expand his repertoire as a luthier. In addition, he started teaching a guitar making class, mainly to friends.
In early 2006, George moved his shop into a larger building, and began focusing on his guitar making full time. He has partnered with Diana Huber, a former student from his guitar making class, and an excellent luthier in her own right. They will be expanding their guitar making class (a weekend only class), and expect to build 30 or so guitars per year, along with doing repairs. George and Diana currently build two models of steel string guitars, along with the nylon string OM, and a 17 inch archtop. For more information, visit Phoneix's website or contact them directly.

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