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Instruments currently produced in Coventry, England since 1991.
Eggle started building guitars in the late 1970s. He spent much of the 1980s building and repairing guitars. In the early 1990s he started building solidbody guitars under the name Patrick Eggle Guitars. In 1995, he left the company in pursuit to work alone. He spent the next few years doing repairs and building various instruments. In 2001, he started to build guitars again, but this time they were acoustic configurations. He worked in Bedforshire, England for a while until he moved to the U.S. Flattop and archtop guitars are currently produced in Hendersonville, NC. For more information refer to Patrick James Eggle Guitars in the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars as he only produces acoustic flattops and archtops currently.
The company continued production of instruments. In January 1997, Patrick Eggle Guitars was purchased by music retailers Musical Exchanges, which has stores in Coventry and Birmingham (England). Between 1993 and 1994, two models (New York-USA and Los Angeles-USA) were assembled with Patrick Eggle components in Santa Barbara, California. However, full production is again completely centered in England. The company, since 2002, has been owned and operated by designer and luthier Gordon James Tilley. The production is now concentrating on the original range as Custom shop options and new stock models are all handmade with some as Limited Editions.
Patrick Eggle has several models available currently, however they are all in England and appear only in pounds versus dollars on the price sheet. Not many guitars find their way over to the U.S. and because of this, it's hard to determine prices on these guitars. There was also a series of archtop guitars released for the U.S. that retail between $6,500 and $8,500. For more information contact Patrick Eggle Guitars directly.

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