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Instruments currently built in the United Kingdom since the late 1970s.
Luthier Chris May has been building high quality guitars and basses since 1978. May has built a number of custom basses with innovative designs, such as the C Bass (1985) which features a lower-than-standard tuning of C-F-Bb-Eb. This 36 in. scale bass was tuned two full steps below conventional four-string tuning.
In 1995, The Overwater Guitar Company moved to their new headquarters in Carlisle, Cumbria (the last town on A69 before Scotland). The new Overwater Jam Factory, Ltd. features two rehearsal studios, a 24-track recording facility, and a retail outlet for musical equipment sales in addition to May┬┤s workshops. May also helped develop the Delta line of bass amplification for Carlsboro. For more information on Overwater, refer to their website (see Trademark Index).

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