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Instruments currently built in St. Petersburg, FL since 2003. Originally produced in Millington, TN, as early as 1961 and Imperial, MO between 1963 and and the late 1970s/early 1980s. The company moved to Largo Florida in 1983 and began the consistent building of four specific models of guitars.
The North American Instrument Company has been building fine, hand-made guitars since the early 1960s although the bulk of manufacturing has occured since the early 1980s. North American's guitars are built out of thousand year-old South American and African hardwoods as well as recylced exotic woods. All woods used by the company are properly acquired and comply with exotic wood restrictions. They hand cut and carve all woods without the aid of any automated machines or CNC equipment. They offer four distinct guitar models including the Texas Special, Florida Bluesmaster, American Artist, and the American Legend guitars. Pricing starts at $2,885 and can range up to $8,000 and above depending on the options. Artists that have played or are playing North American Guitars include Jimmy Reed, Paul Miller, Bobby Ellsworth, Chris Hiatt, and Hal Hammer, Jr. Since 2003, one of the company's main activities is repair and restoration of rare and vintage guitars for various museums and selected collectors of fine instruments. Many of the most extensive restorations require painstaking accuracy and a world-wide search for authentic, period-correct parts, in order to preserve the integrity of the instrument. For more information visit North American's website or contact them directly.

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