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Instruments currently built in Kagel Canyon, Lake View Terrace, CA. Moser Custom Shop handmade guitars are sold direct to the customer via the internet. Moser Custom Shop import guitars are sold through dealers all over the world.
Neal Moser began his career in guitars in 1964 and worked with industry leaders such as Vox, B.C. Rich, and GMW Guitar Works. Neal Moser, the designer of the Bich and Scythe/Virgin shapes, builds electric guitars in a variety of unique shapes as well as standard shaped guitars and basses. Neal had retired in 1998 and only consulted with Lee Garver of GMW. However, in 2002 Neal came out of retirement and with his wife Earlleen Lloyd-Moser, started the Moser Custom Shop. Moser Custom Shop guitars and basses can be ordered from Moser's website or through authorized dealers throughout the world. For more information, please contact Neal Moser Guitars directly.

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