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Instruments previously built in Asia by Fernandes and Cort. Distributed circa mid-1980s by Nady Systems, Inc. of Emeryville, CA.
The Nady company is best known for its wireless guitar and microphone systems that were introduced in 1977. In 1985, Nady introduced a guitar model called the Lightning and a bass model called the Thunder that featured a built-in wireless unit in a production guitar. To complement these instruments, Nady also offered a 100-watt Mosfet rack mountable guitar head and a 300-watt Mosfet rack mountable bass amp. The guitars were equipped with 1/4 in. jacks so they could still be used conventionally. However, the proper complete package would be the instrument and the 501 VHF receiver. Although Nady instruments came with the 501 VHF receiver, they could be upgraded to the 601 or 701 receiver as well. In 2007, Nady reintroduced the Lightning wireless guitar that is sold as part of a package with a 15W Nady Versatile amplifier (MSR $360). For more information, visit Nady's website or contact them directly.

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