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Instruments currently produced in Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China, Musicvox resumed and expanded new production since 2011. Previously produced in Korea between 1996 and 2001. Distributed and sold world wide directly by Musicvox of Cherry Hill, NJ.
Owner Matt Eichen's Musicvox original guitar model, the Spaceranger guitar, features a unique design that will certainly gather attention any time a player takes it out of the case! Eichen combined the oversized headstock with an equally-oversized treble-side horn for resonance purposes, which gives the Spaceranger design increased sustain.
In 1998, after two years of expanding into a retail/distributor base, Eichen decided to take the guitars right to the players worldwide with direct sales via Musicvox's website. As as result of worldwide direct shipping and personalized customer service production models have attracted a wide pro player demand. Due to increased demand by collectors and pro performers, Musicvox releases ever changing limited and custom finishes which are commanding higher but affordable prices.
Musicvox made its big-screen debut in Austin Power's Goldmember, Spaceranger guitars are used by the band Ming Tea in the movie, Yeah Baby! In 2013, The Spaceranger attracted the attention of famed Hollywood producer Dan Schneider whose production company purchased a Seafoam Green Spaceranger that was featured in every episode of TV's Sam and Cat featuring chart topping performer Ariana Grande
Eichen had halted production of Musicvox guitars in 2001 due to a serious family health concern that has now had a positive outcome. In 2011, Eichen reintroduced the Musicvox brand at the NAMM show and continues to offer his Spaceranger , Space Cadet and MI-5 guitars and basses. For more information, visit Musicvox's website or contact them directly.

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