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Instruments are currently built in Maryville, TN. Previously built in Kingston, TN. Muncy has been producing guitars since 2004.
Luthier Gary Muncy designed the solid body "Bout Time" model that featured a new innovative neck design. Constructed from CNC machined aluminum, the neck's fretboard is made from bloodwood which is then shaped between the sunken frets similar to scalloping. Fingering notes occurs in the in-between areas so the string makes contact at the raised area. Muncy and Norman Griffitts have improved on their original design and released a new solidbody electric guitar model that features an innovative fingerboard design that is constructed from CNC machined aluminum, and Anodized for wear and durability. The fingerboard is machined to a new patented design that features fret intonation mapping. Intonation is corrected at all fret positions for each string up to a double octave. Open strings are tuned at pitch and all fretted notes are at pitch. Unlike some systems on the market you do not detune any open pitch strings to sound more in tune, and the player will never again be out of tune. Entry level guitars start at $2,500, Mid-range guitars start at $3,500, and Superior line guitars start at $6,000. For more information, contact Muncy directly.

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