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Instruments currently built in Cambridge, MA since 1989. Instruments were previously built in Winchester, Massachusetts between 1980, 1982 and 1988.
Mouradian custom basses are high quality instruments generally associated with bassist Chris Squire (Yes) due to his continued use of his CS-74 model. Other noted Mouradian bass players include Pat Badger (Extreme).
Jim Mouradian first built Squire´s custom bass in 1980, and formed a production company in 1982. Mouradian Guitars was initially based in Winchester, Massachusetts for the first 6 years, and then moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1989. Jim and his son, Jon, continued to produce custom-built electric basses while offering repair services.
The Mouradian company expanded their production capabilities in 1997/1998 when Jim and John teamed up with Martin Flanders (see Flanders Archtop Guitars) and Pat Badger. Badger, a former employee before his band Extreme hit nationally, has returned to the company that originally hired him, (Preliminary research courtesy Jeff Meyer; company information courtesy Jon Mouradian).

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