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Instruments currently produced in New York since 2015, previously produced in Miami, FL between 1991 and 2015.
Luthier Gary Mortoro has been building handcrafted instruments since 1991, under the guidance and direction of Master Luthier and Archtop Builder Robert Benedetto. Gary┬┤s dedication to the crafting of his guitars combined with his playing ability has resulted in an instrument not only of fine detail and craftsmanship, but of exquisite sound and beauty. Some of the players who own a Mortoro are George Benson, Tony Mottola, Jimmy Vivino, Rodney Jones, Gene Bertoncini, Joe Cinderella, and Jimmy Buffet.
Mortoro currently offers six different models that are available in carved or laminate versions. For further information, please contact Gary Mortoro directly.

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