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Instruments currently built in Orsted, Denmark since 1970.
In 1970 Johnny Morch started to manufacture electric guitars in cooperation with his father, Arne Morch. The first standard models were made in great numbers in a sort of handmade "batch" production: a carpenter made the body, a painter did the lacquer-work, an engraver cut out the pickguard, and the rest was made by Morch himself (assembling, adjustment, and final delivery to the music shops for retail).
In the middle of 1970 Morch started to cooperate with the guitarist Thomas Puggard-Muller, who designed Morch´s "curl"-models which were later published in the Danish Design Index and thus shown all over the world. For years Thomas was involved with the firm, and his close contact with the professional world of music has sold Morch instruments to a great many well-known musicians at home as well as abroad.
Since then the firm has expanded in the opposite way of most other companies. Now the entire production takes place exclusively in Morch´s workshop, and there is a close contact between the musician and the craftsman. All instruments are literally handmade and adjusted exactly to the needs of the individual musician, (Company history courtesy Johnny Morch, Morch Guitars).
Importation of Morch instruments to Britain began in 1976. These models may be found in greater abundance in Europe than in the U.S. Currently, the company is offering two guitar models, and four-, five-, and six-string bass models. Prices range from €2,800 up to €4,800.

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