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Instruments currently built in Novato, CA since 1997. Previously built in San Francisco, CA 1978-1997.
Geoff Gould, an aerospace engineer and bass player, was intrigued by an Alembic-customized bass he saw at a Grateful Dead concert. Assuming that the all wood construction was a heavy proposition, he fashioned some samples of carbon graphite and presented them to Alembic. An experimental model with a graphite neck was displayed in 1977, and a patent issued in 1978. Gould formed the Modulus Graphite company with other ex-aerospace partners to provide necks for Alembic, and also build necks for Music Man´s Cutlass bass model as well as their own Modulus Graphite guitars. Modulus Graphite´s first products were Fender-style replacement necks, but in the early 1980s five- and six-string bass models were introduced. Since then, the Modulus neck patent has been licensed to several companies, and Modulus has supplied finished necks to Alvarez Yairi, Aria, Cort, Ibanez, Moonstone, Peavey, Status, Steinberger, Tokai, and Zon as well. For more information contact Modulus directly.

From Blue Book Publications:

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