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Instruments currently built in Upper Lake, Lake County, CA. Dolan has been in business since 1977.
Luthier Michael Dolan has been handcrafting quality guitars for over thirty-five years. After Dolan graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts, he went to work for a prestigious bass and guitar manufacturer.
Dolan's full service shop offers custom built guitars and basses (solid body, arch-top, acoustic, neck-through, bolt-on, set-neck, and headless), custom ukuleles, as well as repairs. He works in domestic and exotic woods, and uses hardware and electronics from all well-known manufacturers. Finishes include a standard acrylic top coat/polyester base, nitrocellulose, and hand rubbed oil.
As luthier Dolan likes to point out, a "Custom Guitar is a unique expression of the vision of a particular individual. Because there are so many options and variables, offering a price list has proven to be impractical." However, Dolan's prices generally run between $2,000 and $4,000. Prices are determined by the nature of the project, and the costs of components and building materials.
Working with their custom guitar order form, Michael Dolan can provide a firm up-front price quote. All custom guitars are guaranteed for tone, playability, and overall quality. For more information contact Michael Dolan directly.

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