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Instruments currently built in Sweet, ID since 1967.
Melobar was founded by designer Walt Smith to provide steel guitarists the opportunity to stand up and also be able to play chord voicings without the traditional pedals or knee levers. Smith, a teacher/performer (and cattle rancher), passed away at age 70 in 1990. His son, Ted Smith, continues to operate the family-run business, providing these high quality instruments to steel guitarists.
Walt Smith continued to make improvements on his initial design through the years, and the refinement produced the Powerslide "88 model in the late 1980s. The model can be operated with 10 strings or six, and features a Bill Lawrence pickup. Other model variations featured body designs based on Strat, Explorer, or Flying V shapes; the same designs were offered in a comfortable foam body as well.
Some of the original metal acoustic Melobars were built by Dobro, while the first electric solid body models were produced by Semie Moseley (of Mosrite fame) (source: Teisco Del Rey, Guitar Player magazine).
Jim Frost is now the president of Melobar as of 2004. Melobar is bringing back all the lines of guitars after a pause in production over a few years. Ted Smith still serves on the board of directors for Melobar, and helps teach the guitar building process. Black Canyon Guitars are showing Melobar guitars at shows around the country.

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