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Instruments currently built in Toronto, Canada since 1974.
Luthier Linda Manzer was first inspired to build stringed instruments after seeing Joni Mitchell perform on a dulcimer in 1969. Manzer began building full time in 1974, and apprenticed under Jean Claude Larrivee until 1978. In 1983, Manzer spent several months with James D'Aquisto while learning the art of archtop guitar building. Manzer gained some industry attention after she completed Pat Metheny┬┤s "Pikasso" multi-necked guitar (the model has four necks sharing one common body and 42 strings). In 1990, Manzer was commissioned by the Canadian Museum of Civilization to create a guitar for one of their displays. In addition to building the high quality guitar that she is known for, Manzer included inlay designs in the shape of one of Canada's endangered species on the neck. The extra ornamentation served as a reminder for environmental concerns. Noted players using Manzer guitars include Pat Metheny, Bruce Cockburn, and Carlos Santana. For more information contact Manzer directly.

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