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A.B. Manson & Company. Instruments currently built in Devon, England since the late 1970s.
Stringed instruments bearing the Manson name come from two separate operations. Acoustic guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis (and even triplenecks!) are built by Andrew Manson at A.B. Manson & Company. Electric guitars and electric basses are built by Hugh Manson at Manson Handmade Instruments. Andrew and Hugh Manson have been plying their luthier skills for over thirty years. Both Mansons draw on a wealth of luthier knowledge as they tailor the instrument directly to the player commissioning the work.
Hand sizing (for neck dimensions), custom wiring, or custom choice of wood - it's all done in-house. Both facilities are located in Devon, and both Mansons build high quality instruments respective of their particular genre. Models include the Dove, Heron, and Sandpiper. Manson instruments can be dated by the first two digits of the respective instrument's serial number. For further information regarding model specifications, pricing, and availability, please contact either Andrew or Hugh Manson directly. Source: Tony Bacon and Paul Day: The Guru's Guitar Guide.

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