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Instruments currently produced since 2002. Amplifiers and other modeling devices currently produced in Agoura Hills, CA since 1996.
Line 6 was established in 1996. Even though they are a relatively new company, they have been very successful. Line 6 products can be described as taking musical products, such as amplifiers, and combining with up-to-date technology. Line 6´s first patent was a digital modeling amp, which almost all amplifier companies have given a try at now. This was a result of realizing the need to get a number of amplifier tones out of one amplifier. Not only was this Line 6´s idea, but this is the theory behind all modeling amps. The AxSys 212 was the first product to hit the shelves in 1996, and many amplifiers followed. Shortly thereafter, another idea was tackled by the staff at Line 6; to make an amplifier that would sound great in the recording studio. The POD was the answer to this, as it could plug into a tape recorder, or even a computer. This is a kidney shaped device that has all the effects with a line out jack for recording purposes. Line 6 is currently still producing state-of-the-art amps and leading the industry as far as technology. They have also released the Variaxe guitar, which is a modeling type of guitar. For more information refer to their website.

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