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Instruments currently built in Dartmouth (Nova Scotia), Canada.
Zane O'Brien, luthier and musician behind Legend guitars, has been doing fine woodworking since 1970 and converted over to building electric guitars in 1988. The three-man shop turns out high quality electric guitars and basses for the discriminating musician who knows what they want in a finely crafted instrument.
Considerable time and effort is made in selecting only the best grades of woods for the bodies and necks. The book matched tops are usually figured maple or some exotic wood. The rear mounted pickup design bodies (pickups are installed through the back cavity - a patent is pending) really does a lot to keep the weight down as well as enhances the overall look of the instrument because you only see the top of the pickup when looking at the front of the guitar. This look is similar to how a pickup would look in a pickguard - but without the pickguard. Earlier Legend guitars had Fender-style headstocks, but this was changed in 1996. The current "sickle"-style headstock is more unique, simple, and pleasing to the eye. Hardware and electronics vary depending on customer preferences, price, and availability. Other shape bodies are also available and custom designs are invited. All Legend guitars have a one-year limited warranty on material and workmanship. Legend guitars are played and endorsed by such well-known artists as George Hebert (Anne Murray Band) and Al McCumber (Lenny Gallant Band), to name a few. For further information regarding pricing and model specifications, please contact Zane O'Brien at Legend Custom Guitars directly. Company information courtesy Zane O'Brien).

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