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Instruments currently built in Chicago, IL since 1994. The Skyline Series is produced overseas.
Lakland began in 1994 with a bass guitar designed by bass trader Dan Lakin and luthier Hugh McFarland. It began offering high quality, custom-built electric bass guitars with distinctly American aesthetics and an exceptionally smooth, supple feeling neck. The Lakland USA Series basses are 100% made in the U.S.A. In 2002, Lakland introduced the Skyline Series, based on the USA Series designs, but produced over seas. All Skyline Series instruments are brought to the Lakland factory in Chicago, IL where Lakland technicians add their own in-house made U.S. pickups and electronics, apply PLEK technologies fret leveling service and perform final set up along side the U.S. built counterparts. For more information, please visit Lakland's website. Lakland is a registered trademark of Lakland Guitars, LLC.

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