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Instruments currently built in Lindsay, Ontario Canada. Instruments previously built in Scarborough, Ontario and Uxbridge, Ontario Canada. Lado has been producing guitars since the early 1970s.
Lado founder and company president Joe Kovaci initially learned to build guitars in Zagreb, Croatia. Kovaci continued to gain luthier experience in Austria, and in 1968, he moved to North America. Since 1973, Lado has designed and built over 4,200 high quality professional models of electric guitars, electric basses, and acoustic guitars. In 1997, Lado introduced the Hawk series of acoustic and electric guitars, which were built in Korea. This series only lasted five years. In the early 2000s, Kovaci turned his focus back onto only hand-made high quality instruments. In 2003, Kovaci started the Lado Lutherie school that offers two different courses to introduce guitar building to younger generations.
Every hand-crafted guitar and bass is backed by over thirty years of experience. Current retail prices fall between $1,595 and $3,395. Kovaci currently builds about 200 instruments a year. For more information, visit Lado's website or contact the company directly.

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