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Instruments currently built in Portland, OR since 1993. Previously produced in Long Beach, CA from 1990-93.
Luthier Saul Koll combines his background in art (sculpture) and his ten-year experience with instrument repair to design and construct his quality guitars. Koll's guitars are constructed with fine quality tone woods and a glued neck joint design. Koll started building guitars in Long Beach, CA in 1990 and moved to Portland, OR in 1993. Koll started out building solidbody electric guitars. In 1992, the first archtop guitar was produced, and in 2000 the Bridgetown Series of archtops was introduced. In 2009, Koll became a member of the Premier Builders Guild and Koll's Glide models are still designed by Koll, but built by luthier Gene Baker in the Premier Builders Guild shop located in Arroyo Grande, CA. For a full company history and further model information, visit their website or contact Koll directly.

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