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Instruments previously produced in Korea and China. Distributed by Kenny & MichaelĀ“s Co., Inc. of Los Angeles, CA.
Kimaxe guitars were manufactured by Sang Jin Industrial Company, Ltd., which has a head office in Seoul, Korea and manufacturing facilities in four different places (Inchon, Bupyong, and Kongju, Korea; Tien Jin, China). Sang Jin Industrial Company, Ltd. is better known as a main supplier of guitars to world famous companies such as Fender, Hohner, and other buyers' own brand names for the past ten years. Sang Jin built almost 10,000 guitars for these accounts each month. In 1994, Sang Jin established its own subsidiary (Kenny and Michael's Company) in Los Angeles in order to distribute their own lines of Kimaxe electric guitars and Corina acoustic guitars. It is unknown if Sang Jin still builds guitars under the Kimaxe trademark.
The Kimaxe line offered mainly quality solid body electric guitars and basses with designs based on classic American models at very affordable prices.

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