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Instruments currently built in Pflugerville, TX since 1994.
In 1989, Gerald Weber started Kendrick Amplifiers in Pflugerville, Texas. Originally dedicated to reproducing the classic Fender tweeds in exact detail, Kendrick has grown to include their own unique designs. Weber was the first designer to build a vintage-style amp complete with hand-wiring. Weber also joined a network of hand-built amplifier designers that shared an interest in helping musicians gain a knowledge of the workings of their favorite guitar amps.
Weber has been writing his monthly column for Vintage Guitar Magazine for a number of years now, and this was the first technical article that the magazine had ever printed. Weber is also the author of A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Guitar Amps and Tube Talk for the Guitarist and Tech, Tube Guitar Amplifier Essentials, All About Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers, and Sound Advice from Gerald Weber, all of which gather together numerous technical tips for tube amplifiers. Weber has also hosted and produced three Tube Amp Instructional DVDs - Tube Guitar Amplifier Servicing and Overhaul, Understanding Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers, and Tube Guitar Amplifier Forum - each approximately 4 hours of material indexed with point and click navigation for easy review.

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