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Instruments previously produced in Czechoslovakia 1959 to circa 1991.
Jolana guitars were made in Czechoslovakia from 1959 to c. 1991. Some early (1959-1964) instruments also appeared under the Futurama brand, as marketed by Selmer in the UK. The parent company, CHSN (Czechoslovak Musical Instruments) did not survive the fall of communism in the early 1990s, but the various factories in Horovice, Krnov and Hradec Kralove that used to build Jolana guitars, still produce musical instruments today. In its heyday, Jolana had a full range of solids, hollowbodies, and basses that were extremely popular in Eastern Europe and the USSR. Today, these guitars are mostly collected for their cheesy retro appeal and quirky/innovative features, but some models are of surprisingly high quality.
Most models have the model name on the headstock instead of the Jolana brand, which appears on body or neckplate, sometimes not at all. Most guitars have a 24.8 in. (630mm) scale, most basses have a 30.4 in. (774mm) scale, unless otherwise noted. Minor details may vary, especially style and placement of logo, natural or painted headstocks, non-standard factory finishes, etc. (Source: Edward Pitt for model listings, Walter Murray for initial information).

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