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Instruments currently built in Burbank, CA.
Luthier Bruce Johnson specializes in Scroll Basses, which are distinctive horizontal electric basses with scroll-style headstocks and a warm tone like an upright bass. This bass design was originally manufactured by Ampeg from 1966 to 1969, and the most common model is known as the AEB-1. Johnson's website has extensive historical and technical information about the Ampeg Scroll Basses, and he also does restorations and supplies parts for them. In 1997, Johnson developed and introduced new generations versions of the Scroll Bass design, known as the AEB-2 (fretted) and the AUB-2 (fretless). These basses retain the style and character of the original Ampegs, but have been completely re-engineered to improve the quality, function and tone. These basses are specifically designed to bring out the tone of flat wound strings, and have a rich, cello-like sound. Each of these basses is hand built to order in Johnson's shop in Burbank, CA.
Between 1997 and 1999, Johnson worked in cooperation with St. Louis Music, Inc., and some of those instruments were sold under the Ampeg name. The partnership has been mutually dissolved, and Johnson now sells his instruments directly to musicians worldwide through his website.
Since 1999, Johnson has continued to develop the Scroll Bass design, and has offered various models over the years. In 2000, Johnson also introduced the SSB Short Scale Bass, which is an improved version of a rare model that Ampeg made in 1967. Johnson's version of the SSB is now available on order. In 2012, he introduced the AMB-2 series Scroll Basses, which are very similar externally to Ampeg's original AMB-1/AMUB-1 basses of 1967/1968. These are the basses that were seen being played by Rick Danko, George Biondo, and Boz Burrell. Johnson's AMB-2 Scroll Basses capture that sound, look and feel, but are built with many improvments in the internal structure, pickup system, and overall quality. For more information visit Johnson's website or contact him directly.

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