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Instruments previously built in Lakeland, FL.
Luthier David Patterson began building guitars and other stringed instruments from scratch in 1984 when he became frustrated with the concept of permanent double-neck instruments. Six-string and twelve-string necks were an easy choice, but with bass it was a different question altogether. Peterson kept going back and forth with what configurations to use including four-string and eight-string necks and fretted of fretless fingerboards. After thirteen years of hit and miss research, Patterson came up with a new development.
Patterson's Jayxz (pronounced "Jakes") Musical Implements company offered guitars that featured a "Component Multineck System" (CMS). The CMS concept allows the player to combine various string configuration bodies together to form a doubleneck instrument. Furthermore, Patterson's instruments are also convertible: the tuners and bridge are all mounted on the same easy to remove piece of the instrument called the "Tailstock." After loosening the strings a bit, the tailstock is unbolted and the anchoring hardware is slid off the other end. Patterson estimates that a changeover can be done in less than fifteen minutes.
Jayxz CMS models were available in ten different models (string configurations). Prices per each standard model started at $750. Biography courtesy: Jeff Patterson.

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