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Instruments currently produced in Brentwood, TN since 2004. Previously produced in Rochester, PA between 1995 and 2001 and by Ed Roman in Las Vegas, NV between 2001 and 2004.
Harry Jaros and his son Jim combined years of cabinetmaking and guitar playing and decided to build a couple of guitars as a father-and-son project. When the original models turned out to have great tone and playability, the family hobby quickly became a business venture as they decided to produce more of these handcrafted instruments. In 2001, Ed Roman bought the Jaros trademark and began building and distributing these guitars through his shop, Ed Roman Guitars. In 2004, Dave Weiler bought the trademark and moved it to the Nashville, TN area and he continues to build custom electric guitars. In 2007, Jaros introduced an entirely new website to improve their marketing and direct selling. For more information, including a form to build a guitar online, visit Jaros' website.

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