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Instruments currently built in Shoreham, NY.
Luthier James R. Baker builds conventional archtop guitars as well as innovative archtop designs that enhance the amplified capabilities of the guitar. While his Classic features traditionally placed f-holes, BakerĀ“s innovative Legend and Special models have teardrop-shaped soundholes in the lower bout, and a patented structure which eliminates feedback and increases sustain. All models now feature Kent Armstrong pickups. In 2007, Baker debuted a new division called "Guitare' Romatica" that specializes in vintage parlour and Romatic-era guitars from the 19th and early 20th century. In addition, Baker also offers restorations of these same era instruments. In late 2009, new design flat top steel string, nylon and gut string guitars will be added to the line, based on both traditional and patented structural design with antique guitar decorative elements. Contact Baker directly for more information.

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