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Instruments currently built in Destin, Florida. Distributed through the Douglas R. Jackson Guitar Shop of Destin, Florida.
Luthier Douglas R. Jackson handcrafts his own acoustic and electric guitars, which are built on commission. On occasion, Jackson may build a model on speculation, but that is not the norm. All models are marketed through his guitar shop.
Jackson attended a guitar building school in the Spring of 1977. While enrolled, he was hired by the school to teach and perform repairs. Jackson taught two classes in the 1977 school year, and helped build over 150 instruments (plus his own personal guitars and repairs). Jackson then went to work for a vintage guitar dealer on and off for three years, while he studied just about anything he could get his hands on. During this research phase, Jackson continued to build three or four guitars a year (in addition to his shop repairs).
In 1986, Jackson moved from Arizona to his present location in Destin, Florida (the Pensacola/Fort Walton Beach area). Jackson currently owns and operates a 1,500 square foot building that houses his guitar shop and manufacturing equipment, (Biography courtesy Douglas R. Jackson).
Jackson estimates that he has built close to 150 instruments consisting of acoustic and electric 6- and 12-string guitars, electric basses and mandolins, resonator guitars, ukuleles, and dulcimers.

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