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Instruments previously built in MO.
Huskey Guitar Works guitar building started in 1979 with one goal - to create a line of instruments that were both innovative and eye catching. Rick and Jackie Huskey found that instruments of the late 1970s did not have the amount of natural sustain that they were looking for.
To increase the amount of sustain, the Huskeys incorporated the same materials used by luthiers for generations in the first of their designs. The Stormtrooper design brought about the development of the SustainArm, an innovation that increases the sustain of the Huskey guitars by reducing the tension along the neck. The SustainArm is an integral extension of the body, attaching on the low E side of the neck. The SustainArm also enabled them to extend the lower treble side cutaway, and allowed unrestricted access to the fretboard (some fretboards are equipped with as many as 36 frets). Company history courtesy Rick and Jackie Huskey.

From Blue Book Publications:

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