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Guitars previously produced in Austin, TX during the 1980s.
Kurt Hendrick built his first guitar in 1982 for Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. His three main designs, the Generator, Transformer, and Catalyst, are hardly based on any standard design. Hendrick used odd shaped in the body design of his guitars and because of this he built a large following. Many of the early guitars were actually produced in Kalamazoo, MI by the same people that started the Heritage Guitar Company. Less than one hundred instruments were produced during this tenure with the Generator as the only model going into full production status. In 1985, started his long journey in working for several guitar manufacturers around the world. Stops included Schecter, Greeta Musical Instruments in India, Fender in Mexico, Jackson in South Korea and India, and finally Epiphone. Hendrick designed the E Series for Epiphone that were produced in Malaysia in 2001 and 2002. Used Hendrick models don't show up to often, but when they do, most collectors and players agree that they are pretty cool! Source: Willie Moseley, Vintage Guitar Magazine.

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