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Instruments currently built in Texas. Distributed by Hembrook Custom Basses and Guitars of TX.
Ranger Bob, a self-taught luthier, left the U.S. Army in 1992 and returned to the University of Texas. While playing a five-string bass for a surf-rock band in Austin, Ranger Bob noticed some deficiencies in his instrument - which lead to his discovery that most five-string basses he encountered were either just retreaded "vintage" designs with an additional string or trendy boutique models that didn't feature very practical designs.
After several years of research and discussion, Ranger Bob began building prototype instruments. During this prototype building, he encountered Texas Mesquite wood (normally considered a pesky shrub in Northern Texas). Mesquite is rare among woods in that it expands and contracts to changes in moisture equally in all directions. Most woods expand two or three times more across the grain than along the grain - which is why moisture changes can
warp necks or bodies. Mesquite is an isometric wood, and thus Ranger Bob argues that it is the ideal neck wood. Through innovation, Ranger Bob and his company search out new components and durable material for their instruments, then integrate the components into the balanced structure. For more information regarding Hembrook contact them directly.

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