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Instruments currently built in Sneek, The Netherlands.
Luthier Wim Heins has been building guitars since the late 1960s and was motivated to build his first one at an early age because he was too young to actually buy a guitar! After his first experiment, Hein kept building and customizing guitars as a hobby. After one of his guitars Heins built for a friend began to receive some notice, Heins decided to go into business – so what started out as a hobby became a business.
Heins' specialized guitar building and repair shop in The Netherlands offers these handcrafted electric guitar and bass models direct to the player, with no middle man. His current brochure offers an overview of models with the reminder that it can "never be complete or represent the variety in guitars, because all of them are made to the exact specifications of the client." Today there are several models offered.
Personality and originality seem to be big parts of the Heins guitar models, as most of them feature premium figured woods, a sleek offset double cutaway body design, and quality pickups and hardware. Guitar models include the Dick and Zingana, as well as the seven-string Danny model. Basses include the four-string Noest, five-string TMF, and six-string Pookie. For further information regarding prices and specifications, visit Heins' website or contact him directly.

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