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Instruments previously built in England during the mid-1970s.
In 1969, luthier Jim Burns (ex-Burns, Burns-Weill) was invited into the Dallas-Arbiter organization to develop a new line of guitars under the Hayman trademark. His working collaboration with Bob Pearson (ex-Vox) ultimately developed designs for three guitars and one bass. Woodworking and truss rod work were done by Jack Golder and Norman Holder, who had been with Jim Burns previously.
Instruments were produced from 1970 through 1973. Jim Burns moved on from Dallas-Arbiter in 1971, leaving Pearson to continue developing new ideas. When Dallas-Arbiter folded in the mid-1970s, Pearson joined with Golder and Holder to form the Shergold company. Hayman instruments, while not as flashy as their Burns predecessors, were still solid instruments, and also a link to formation of the later Shergold models.
According to authors Tony Bacon and Paul Day, the last two digits of a Hayman serial number indicate the year of manufacture and this practice began in 1974. Source: Paul Day, The Burns Book.

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