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Guitars currently produced by Bob Shade in Greenbelt, MD since the early 2000s. Previously previously built in Arvin, CA during the 1960s, and in Bakersfield, CA on a custom order basis between January 1995 and the late 1990s. Previously distributed by Front Porch Music of Bakersfield, CA.
The Hallmark company was founded by Joe Hall, an ex-Mosrite employee, around 1967. The Sweptwing design, in its original dual cutaway glory, is strikingly reminiscent of a Flying V built backwards. According to ads run in Guitar Player magazine back in 1967, the model was available in a six-string, twelve-string, bass, semi-hollowbody six-string, and doubleneck configurations. The suggested list price of the semi-hollowbody six-string was $265 in the same ad. According to luthier Bill Gruggett, Hallmark produced perhaps forty guitars before the company ran out of money.
Models generally featured a three-per-side-tuners headstock, two humbuckers, a triangular pickguard with the pickup selector mounted in the horn corner, a volume and tone knobs, and a stop tailpiece. The doubleneck version has to be more rare than the standard six string, although vintage Hallmarks don't turn up every day. Hallmark founder Joe Hall passed away on February 11, 2011 due to liver disease.
If you're still smitten by the original design, the good news is that they're available again! Custom order Hallmarks are being produced by Bob Shade in MD. The SweptWing is also available as an imported model for a reasonable price. Interested players are urged to contact the company directly.

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