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Also Grossman Music Company and Grossman Music Corp. See chapter on House Brands.
Grossman Brothers (also Grossman Music Company and Grossman Music Corp) was a large mail order distribution company that sold several brands of guitars mainly during the 1930s and 1940s. Before World War II, the majority of guitars were sold through mail-order distributors. Brands and trademark dates of Grossman are Capitol (1933), Champion (1932), Crestline (1957), Dixie (1948), Duplex (1937), KlearTone (1923), Masterfonic (1937), and Trophy (1945). The trademark date is the earliest date most of these guitars were probably produced. KlearTone is probably the most well-known brand out of all the names Grossman distributed, and these guitars were probably produced by various manufacturers including Harmony, Kay, Regal, and Gibson. It's also possible that Grossman affixed their name to some guitars. Source: Tom Wheeler, American Guitars and Walter Murray, Frankenstein Fretworks.

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