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Instruments previously built in Italy duing the mid-1970s.
In 1967, Bob Murrell produced the first commercially available guitar that made organ sounds, called the GuitOrgan. The GuitOrgan featured Japanese-built hollowbody guitars and Baldwin-style circuitry. Vox followed Murrell and fused a Phantom model guitar with a Continental model organ around 1970, and named it the Guitar Organ. The Godwin company apparently thought that the third time was the charm when they introduced the Godwin Organ model guitar in the mid-1970s. Still a bargain if bought by the pound (not by the sound!), the Godwins were only produced for about a year. The instrument featured a double cutaway wood body, two independent single coil pickups, 13 knobs, and 19 switches! Even with a large amount of wood removed for the organ circuitry, the fairly deep-bodied guitar is very heavy. Source: Tony Bacon, The Ultimate Guitar Book.

From Blue Book Publications:

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