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Instruments currently built in Rogers, MN. Distributed by the GLF Custom Shop of Rogers, MN.
Luthier Kevin Smith has been building and messing around with guitars since his high school days. He was born in Fosston, MN in 1961 and later attended Red Wing Technical College. He spent a number of years as a lighting and guitar tech for the regional band Encounter, which was based out of Chicago, IL.
Smith opened the GLF Custom Shop in 1984. Although the original focus was on both lighting and guitars, he soon focused directly on guitar repair and custom building. A custom ordered guitar may range between $1,200 and $1,500 (depending on hardware and pickups), but for further details on models and components contact the GLF shop. In addition to his busy schedule, he also provides custom finishes for the Benedict Guitar company. Smith also introduced his ToneSmith line of guitars in 1997 (see Tonesmith). Smith holds the patent on the Combo Rack, a guitar stand that attaches to the player's amplifier and holds the instrument when not in use.

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