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Instruments currently produced in Portland, OR, since 2004. Previously produced in San Fernando Valley, CA from 1988-2004, and in England from the late 1960s-1988.
Luthier Roger Giffin has been building custom guitars and basses since the late 1960s. He ran a guitar shop that built and repaired guitars in London, England. In the late 1970s, he designed a guitar that would later become the Steinberger M Series. Gibson took interest in the guitar and Giffin was offered a job at the West Coast Gibson Custom Shop. He moved to Los Angeles, CA in 1988, and worked there until all custom shop material was moved to Nashville in 1993. In 1994, Brett Allen and Giffin started the R & B Instrument Service in L.A., where they mainly did repairs. In 1997, Giffin decided to branch out on his own again and started building guitars. He produced guitars in L.A. until June, 2004, when he relocated to Portland, OR. Giffin builds guitars under the philosophy that a hands-on approach to guitar building allows himself to build unique and individual instruments. The very highest standard of hand building instruments is used. In 2009, Giffin became a member of the Premier Builders Guild and Giffin's Valiant model is still designed by Giffin, but built by luthier Gene Baker in the Premier Builders Guild shop located in Arroyo Grande, CA. For more information or for ordering, contact Giffin directly.

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