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Guitars currently produced in El Segundo, CA since 2005.
Luthier Gary Kramer founded Gary Kramer Guitar several years after his last venture with guitars. Kramer is known for his associations with Travis Bean and then founding the Kramer Guitar Company. Eddie Van Halen actually had his first endorsement deal with Kramer. However, Kramer got out of the guitar business in the late 1980s and started a whole new business in shipping. Kramer folded in 1991 and was purchased by Gibson in 1995 where they continue to use it as a sort of budget brand. In 2005, Gary Kramer got wind of the Kramer Guitars Expo that was to be held in Nashville, TN. The organizers of the show invited Kramer to come and he was suprised at the following Kramer guitars really had. It was then when Kramer decided he wanted to start building guitars again and he also commented that there wasn't anything new in the guitar market. Kramer currently builds his guitars based on design and ergonomics, and his guitar shapes prove that. For more information, visit Kramer's website or contact him directly.

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