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Instruments currently built in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada since 1962.
The Fury Company was found in 1962 by Glenn McDougall. The purpose of the company was to refine the design of specific components that would improve both the sound and the performance of electric guitars. Engineering techniques were used to define Fury guitars from those of other manufacturers, yet stay within the accepted boundaries of traditional guitar design.
Throughout the history of the company, many cutting-edge inventions and innovations were developed that make Fury instruments unique. The vital decision was made at the begninning of 1962 to keep the company small enough that each instrument could be built to its highest standards. All design and manufacturing is done at the Fury facility to ensure quality and control standards. Many special machines and production tool systems were designed and built to manufacture component parts quickly as well as uniform tolerance of precision.
Fury is currently in their 50th year of production, and they are Canada's oldest manufacturer of electric guitars. Fury continues to develop new technology for the serious professional player. Fury Guitar Manufacturing, Ltd., is still family owned and operated by Glen McDougall and his wife Janet (source: Glenn McDougall, Fury Guitar Manufacturing, Ltd.). For more information, contact Fury directly.

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