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Instruments currently built in Brooklyn, NY since 1983.
Luthiers Vinnie Fodera and Joseph Lauricella founded Fodera Guitars in 1983. Fodera, who had previously worked with Stuart Spector and Ned Steinberger in the late 1970s, focused directly on bass building. Bassists such as Anthony Jackson, Victor Wooten, Lincoln Goines, and Matthew Garrison all swear by their Fodera basses. All Fodera models feature select aged woods and water-based lacquer finishes (a penetrating oil finish is available on request). The Diamond Series Bass Strings are hand wound at the Fodera workshop. Fodera stainless steel and nickel round wound strings are available in four-, five-, and six-string sets in Light to Heavy sizes. For more information, visit Fodera's website or contact them directly.

From Blue Book Publications:

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