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Instruments currently produced in the Redmond, WA since 2003, and in China and Korea since 2004. Distributed by Floyd Rose in Oakhurst, NJ and by Hanser Music Group (previously HHI) in Hebron, KY.
Floyd Rose introduced his original locking tremolo bridge in 1977. This was a huge change in the way people played the guitar. Floyd Rose set out to change the guitar world again with the introduction of the Floyd Rose guitar. These guitars are built to meet the uncompromising demands of professional musicians. The guitars are produced with the finest tonal wood bodies with incomparable necks, the Speedloader Bridge system, and Floyd Rose pickups. The most identifying feature may be the headstock that is of a typical Stratocaster but the middle is hollowed out since no strings are attached to the headstock. Floyd Rose offers a line of guitars built in the U.S. as well as an entry level line built overseas. For more information refer to their website.

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