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Electric guitars currently produced in Heinävaara, Finland since 2004.
Flaxwood Guitars is a Finnish guitar company producing high quality instruments from a new tone material called flaxwood. Flaxwood is at heart a wood-based, innovative NFC (Natural Fiber Composite) material that has been created by breaking the grain structure of wood and injection-molding it into shape together with an acoustically sensitive binding agent. Exceptionally consistent in its acoustic properties, uniformly flawless in quality, and completely impervious to changes in humidity, flaxwood is a recyclable and ecological alternative to its peers that are slowly nearing extinction. Flaxwood Fine Electric Guitars produces a variety of semi-hollowbody electric guitars with various features using this material and technique. They are now also producing a new line of bolt-on guitars consisting of flaxwood NFC necks combined with wooden bodies. These hybrid guitar models offer the same lightning fast necks that are impervious to changes in humidity, combined with a "traditional" wooden solid body, and at lower prices than the premier line. For more information, please visit Flaxwood's website.

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