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Instruments currently produced in Boston, MA and China since 1995. Distributed by First Act of Boston, MA.
First Act Inc. produces a full line of musical instruments ranging from guitars to amplifiers. They produce a line of guitars built in the U.S., a custom shop in the U.S., and a line of guitars built in China. The company's custom products are matched by a commitment to make music more accessible for everyone - challenging the idea that quality instruments have to be expensive and sold in a handful of places. First Act makes it possible for people from all backgrounds to play music. You may also recognize many First Act guitars in 2006-07 model Volkswagons, as they teamed together to sell cars and guitars packaged together. Anybody who bought a Volkswagon model in the last quarter of 2006, got a First Act guitar (matching color) that could be plugged into the VW's aux. input on the radio. In 2007, First Act expanded and moved their custom shop within Boston to allow for more custom instrument production. For more information on First Act or their custom shop instruments, please contact the company directly.

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