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Instruments previously built in England between 1986 and 1989.
Luthier Paul Richardson founded the Fingerbone Guitar Company in the early 1980s, and started building guitars in a facility that had been vacated by Andy and Hugh Manson of Manson Guitars in Crowborough, East Sussex, United Kingdom. Richardson mainly produced a model called the Fastback that featured a uniquely-shaped double cutaway body, and was built out of high quality woods and materials. Guitars were mainly constructed out of mahogany with a flame maple top, a maple neck, an ebony fingerboard, Kent Armstrong pickups, and a Kahler tremolo. In the late 1980s, Richardson moved to Brighton and shared a shop with Mathew Carter who was an acoustic builder. Unfortunately, Richardson ran into some financial problems and he quit building guitars by 1989. During Fingerbone's existence, Richardson built guitars as well and basses, but it is unknown exactly how many instruments Richardson built. Source: Andy Jones.

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